Empties April 2020 🌸

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🇬🇧 It is that time of the month again, so here is another empties post of the products I finished in April. Not as many products as for March, this months I finished 5 full size products and two samples. I am not one for long introductions so let’s get right to it!

🌸 Laboratoire du Haut-Segala Neroli Water (£13.95/250mls)
*I liked: I absolutely love the smell of this product, neroli is my favourite scent, so calming. I have been using this prior to using an oil, since oils absorb better on wet skin.
*I didn’t like: plastic bottle.
*Buy again? Possibly, although I will look around for one in a glass bottle first.

🌸 Laidbare Spot the Difference treatment cream (£8/30mls)
*I liked: I have been having a few breakouts recently and I think this cream has helped keep them under control. On days where my skin felt oily I have just used this without moisturiser (which happens occasionally, I normally have dry skin but my skin has been a bit bipolar lately!). It is quite moisturising which is nice on its own if your skin is quite oily. It is also very affordable.
*I didn’t like: plastic tube.
*Buy again? Already have!

🌸 Sample of Madara Time Miracle Age Defense Cream ( full size £45/50mls)
It’s difficult to really get a feel for a products with such a small sachet. It did not irritate my skin (which is very sensitive at the moment) so that’s a bonus. It is a nice cream with nice ingredients (I really like the birch water) but the full size is very expensive so I would not buy it at full price (although I would be tempted if there was a discount).

🌸 PHB Skin Brighten Gel Neroli&Immortelle (New version £25/50mls)
PHB have stopped making this particular product but there is now a new version which is the one in the link above. I received this item from a swap.
*I liked: the plastic-free recyclable packaging (although they have changed it now to a plastic tube, which is a shame). The amazing neroli smell, the light gel texture feels lovely on the skin and absorbs easily.
*I didn’t like: the price, it seems pretty expensive when the first ingredient is water.
*Buy again? No, I would not have bought it in the first place to be honest because my skin does not need brightening (I do not have any dark spots or skin discolouration). So I cannot comment on whether the product is effective or not, although it was lovely to use.

🌸 Naturally Perfect Sheena’s Gold – The Remedy (£23.99/250mls)
I received a small version of this product (60 mls) in the lovely Natural Beauty Box, however I can only find the full size on their website so that’s the one in the link.
*I liked: this was one of the most enjoyable product I have ever used, the texture is absolutely amazing. It is a kind of rich mousse and melts beautifully as soon as it touches the skin and really is a joy to use. It moisturises really well and you need a small amount so it lasts a long time. I also like the glass jar.
*I didn’t like: the plastic lid (I would have prefered an aluminium lid which is very easily recycled and more eco-friendly). The smell was not amazing, it wasn’t unpleasant but I could not smell any of the essential oils in there, which is a shame.
*Buy Again? Yes, I would love to maybe try another one of their products at some point. This was a really lovely product, although a bit pricey, so probably more a Christmas present than something I would buy for myself.

🌸 Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil (£19.50/20mls)
*I liked: the brown glass bottle, it is a nice oil with a lovely colour and neutral smell.
*I did not like: It is a pricier oil compared to others and I did not find it was any better than other cheaper rosehip oils.
*Buy Again? No, my skin has changed and although rosehip oil worked really well on me a few years ago, I don’t think it suits my skin anymore. If I was to buy another rosehip oil I think I would go for the one from Alteya Organics, which is much cheaper and just as good in my opinion.

🌸 Sample of Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream (30.50/30mls or £5/5mls)
*I liked: aluminium tube, it is a nice, very rich and moisturising day cream. It has a pleasant light rose smell, all natural soothing ingredients.
*I did not like: the price. Although it does last a while, it is a bit expensive for me, particularly since I do not feel it did anything amazing for my skin.
Buy Again? No, I think I prefer the Trilogy Very Gentle Cream when my skin is extra sensitive.

That’s it for this months. I will be back in a couple of weeks with a round up of my favourite face masks.
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